Many professionals are offering cosmetic services. Finding a great cosmetic surgeon is not an easy task. It is a process that can be very intimidating especially for those people who don’t have any recommendations from family or friends. This post is going to share the essential qualities that set apart the great surgeons from the rest.



Apart from technical training, a good doctor should be experienced this field. They should be capable of handling different procedures and complex issues. Such professionals are capable of coming up against the common challenges and questions. They can resolve all the technical issues that may arise.

Technical expertise

They should have the technical abilities to execute all the cosmetic procedures with finesse and ability. These determine the nature and quality of work. The doctor’s technical expertise should blend well with the body of the patients. They are also trained on how to speed up the recovery process in patients.

Board certification

Every plastic surgeon should be certified. These professionals are required to undergo specialized training for them to be certified. They are also required to do other courses for them to maintain their certification. The ongoing education is meant to equip them with the current knowledge and research in this field.


Remember that this a procedure the requires the patients to make a huge decision. In this field, the customers are not always right. It is the responsibility of the plastic surgeon to consult with his or her patients. The professional is supposed to give his opinion on the best results and procedures. Sometimes the patient may be looking for something that does not make sense.

A clean record

Every state has a medical board that takes disciplinary action against doctors who have been malpractices. It is therefore imperative to check if a cosmetic surgeon is listed with this body before working with him or her.



This is another important virtue that seems so simple and logical. Unfortunately, many professionals only tell their patients what they just want to hear. Most of them do this to make the patients happy by giving them unrealistic expectations. A great cosmetic surgeon should be upfront with the patients.


It is very rare to find a cosmetic surgeon who is offering a free consultation to attract people/patients. The patients are billed for additional questions once the consultation process is over. Patients should be given another consultation session for them to make a wise decision.