The Most Popular Movie Villains of All Time


There is no wonderful movie without a villain; the villain can be your typical bad guy. In some scenarios, the main character chooses to use this villain or the messenger of evil; in several situations, the main character is just an idiot. With their currently epic and functioning counterparts, it is the bad guys who make the decisions. In fact, some villains or movie thieves have been ranked in Geek Informator from the most notorious ones to the least. The following are some of the worst and most evil villains you’ll see in movies.

Jack Torrance

Who’s gonna miss the part where Jack shoves an ax through the bathroom door and tries to yell, “Here’s Jooohhhnyyy” It’s a show where the back of the spine gets cold. You can find out if this classic terror is broadcast on TV by checking your TV channel’s manual.

Gordon Gekko

Played by a young Michael Douglas, he has created the perfect kind of banker with his hair and the shine of his hair dragged towards the phone as big as his normal kitten fashion. He made the best greedy banker type.

Michael Myers

We are not referring to the respective comic book, but to the swing of the knife. It’s an anxiety factor. You can find a dose of Myers on satellite TV around Halloween time.

Hans Gruber

By the tone of his name, you can identify that he’s a bad guy. Or, as his name suggests, Gruber turns out to be worse, an obese German with a bad case of gout, even if it seems so.

Annie Wilkes

In an attempt to get Annie, Misery’s books are hijacked by her personality after she gets it. She’s holding him moaning and keeps limping with a bat. That woman is crazy and scary.

Frank Booth

Although Blue Velvet is an odd film, Frank Booth is a project in itself; it’s by David Lynch. Booth continues with an attack on Isabella Rossellini: it’s not only disturbing, but it’s also bizarre. You will most likely see this image on your imaging station.